Enhancing Teamwork at Prima Plastic

Last August 3, 2014, Prima’s Supervisors, Foreman and the Quality Management Team convened for a teambuilding activity entitled ” Enhancing Teamwork at Prima Plastic” under the Program leadership of Ms. Babes M. Estabillo.
The teambuilding stated at 8:00 in the morning in Cool Waves Resort, Bulakan, Bulacan.

The morning session started with a refresher of teamwork lecture and next sessions were packed with teambuilding activities which are similar to the amazing race. The participants were all pleased and very happy to welcome Mr. Wilfred Go, PPMC’s CEO when he came for the teambuilding. Mr. Go shared his motivational thoughts for the participants and encourages everyone to bring the learning gained in the teambuilding to the workplace.

The participants were one in saying that they enjoy all the activities and the insights gained are very helpful in enhancing teamwork at Prima.